Bronze Bundle Classic Rope Flagpole - Dark Bronze With Solar Light & Flash Collar

Size: 21' Classic Sectional - Dark Bronze with Solar Light & Flash Collar
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The dark bronze pole almost appears black but when the sun shines on it is is a beautiful dark bronze color.  Supply is limited. Currently only available in 21' option.

  • Rope Used to Raise/Lower Flag

  • Fly two flags, all hardware needed included in kit

The Classic EZPOLE® is our most traditional model available 21’ length now available in Dark Bronze finish.

The polycarbonate (used for strength and durability) truck top/pulley system is assembled with the halyard which is used to raise and lower the flag.  The flag attaches with two locking nylon clips.  A riveted cleat ties down the nylon rope and comes pre-assembled on section.

Sectional flagpole kits has five, 56” sections. These sections appear seamless as they neatly assemble together. Our sectional poles are 2” in outside diameter and are 16 gauge aluminum. EZPOLE swaging is a full 1.5” deeper than most sectional poles. This feature ensures added strength and durability under tough weather conditions.

All poles come with EZPOLE aluminum in-ground sleeve and are de-burred for safety.

  • Classic Kit Contents

    • 5 56" pole sections depending on pole size ordered
    • Installed Truck Top (Pulley System) with Nylon Rope top section
    • Installed Riveted Cleat section
    • Hardware Kit - (4) Nylon Flag clips, Instruction Sheet & Flag Etiquette Pamphlet
    • Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball
    • Aluminum Ground Sleeve
    • 3'x5' Nylon Sewn American Flag
  • Classic EZPOLE Features

    • 100% American craftsmanship
    • Polished anodized aluminum tubing
    • Extra swaging for rigidity and high performance
    • Aluminum in-ground sleeve or special mount
    • All EZPOLES have a 5 year warranty with proof of purchase
    • A traditional halyard
    • Topped with an anodized aluminum gold ball
    • An instruction sheet
    • A flag etiquette leaflet
    • A list of flag flying holidays

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