College Is A Scam Tee

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College is a scam. Sure, if you're going to a highly specialized field with great salary, like a engineer, doctor, or a lawyer, you might need the degree and actually make enough money to pay off your debt.

But for the rest of use who grew up being told that we need to go to college to be successful - we were sold a lie.

Option 1: Take on six figures in debt to take classes on subjects you'll never use to get a degree and still make less money than a blue collar job.

Option 2: Go to a trade school for a fraction of the time and cost, or get paid to be trained on the job, and make more money than the ignorant elitist graduates who look down on us.

Now, many people who fell for Option 1 still don't realize they've been scammed. Well, we're gonna let them know.

College is a scam. Work blue collar. This design is printed on a navy blue shirt. Get yours now.

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